The Sisterhood is CSAIR is delighted to present the first issue of OUR VOICES. It is thoughts of many members of the CSAIR family, and we at Sisterhood are proud that you have chosen this vehicle to share your memories, poems and ideas.

We encourage feedback on how to improve the publication. Please contact Ellen Greenblatt at with your submissions and ideas.

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The mission of Women's League of Conservative Judaism is to strengthen and unite synagogue women's groups and their members; to support them in mutual efforts to understand and perpetuate Conservative/Masorti Judaism in the home, synagogue and community; and to reinforce their bonds with Israel and Jews worldwide. We are an inclusive, intergenerational, and progressive affiliate of CSAIR and welcome all Jewish women.

Our Sisterhood offers synagogue women numerous personal experiences such as the companionship of other women, training for future leadership, self-governance, control over their own decisions and pride in their achievements. Sisterhood, by offering opportunities for self-fulfillment for its members, strengthens their dedication to our synagogue.

The Sisterhood sponsors many synagogue-wide events during the year including Sisterhood Shabbat, the Torah Fund Awards Breakfast, the Selichot evening program, a Sukkot Lunch, Winter Bazaar, Purim Mishloah Manot, and a Bible study class.

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CSAIR :: 475 West 250th Street :: Bronx, NY 10471 :: 718-543-8400