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Dear friends,

Our shul's heating system is as old as the building itself. In recent years the boilers have required frequent and extensive maintenance and repair. In fact, one boiler has not been functioning for the past several months, so the building is reliant on the one remaining boiler.

At its regular monthly meeting last month, the Board voted to approve the replacement of the boiler system. The decision required extensive research and discussion, and the Board was unanimous in its conclusion that it is essential to act now to provide sufficient time for the purchase, installation and testing of a new system so we can be assured of its full functionality before next winter. Any loss of heat not only affects CSAIR, but also CSAIR's tenant, the Birch School.

How we arrived at this decision and its costs—which are estimated to be approximately $200,000—is explained in this fact sheet.

Our goal from the outset has been to minimize the burden of this project on members of the congregation. We plan to use $100,000 from our operating account and reserves, but we need to raise the additional $100,000 to finance this important capital project through a $200 per member assessment. If the assessment and fundraising exceed the cost of the boilers, we will replenish our reserve fund and restore funding to our regular maintenance and repair budgets.

In addition to the assessment, please consider the highest amount you can contribute to this essential project. If you need to space out the payments, you can call Rabbi Katie Greenberg at 718-543-8400 x 1 to discuss a plan. If you would like to consider an even larger amount with an accompanying naming dedication, please contact me.

We deeply appreciate your prompt response. Thank you for ensuring the health of our building, inside whose walls we are able to fulfill our mission to nourish joyful and meaningful Jewish living and build an inclusive community through diverse approaches to learning, prayer, and acts of loving kindness.

Abby Pitkowsky, President

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