Please use the form below to pay your CSAIR Emergency Assessment of $215. You will be transferred to a secure page after submitting your dollar amount below.

If you can manage a payment larger than $215 to cover for congregants who will not be able to cover the full amount, your generosity will be deeply appreciated.

While it's helpful to have all the costs covered before the bills come in to avoid having to pay interest on a loan, we know it's easier for many to divide up this payment. Therefore, we are offering the option of multiple payments (up to 6) through December 2016, by credit card or pre-dated checks. You can arrange this on-line here, or directly with the office by calling 718-543-8400 extension #5 if you wish to spread your payments out.

2 payments = $107.50 each
3 payments = $72 each
4 payments = $54 each
5 payments = $43 each
6 payments = $36 each

Emergency Repairs Assessment Payment:
$215 $
Additional Payment or call CSAIR office to arrange installments $
Total $
Please add 3% to cover credit card processing fees so that 100% of my payment goes to CSAIR.

CSAIR :: 475 West 250th Street :: Bronx, NY 10471 :: 718-543-8400 info@csair.org