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Gerson D. Cohen Institute for Adult Jewish Learning

We are a center for serious Jewish learning. Synagogue classes offer everyone opportunities to discover new meanings in Judaism and Jewish culture. Our adult learning program is named for Rabbi Gerson D. Cohen, a widely respected historian and Chancellor of the Jewish Theological Seminary of America from 1972 to 1986.

All classes are open to the CSAIR congregation/public and requires no registration unless otherwise indicated.


929Tanakh Together: Join the Oldest Book Club in the World
There are 929 chapters of the Tanakh, the Hebrew Bible. What would it be like to read all of them? Shabbat afternoons between mincha and maariv, Rabbi Barry Dov Katz and guest leaders will lead a discussion on that week's chapters with others who are reading as well.

Times will change each week.
Learn how to participate here!
Free and open to all.


Rabbi KatzA House Divided: The Book of Kings I and II
King Solomon's death begins a period of political instability for Israel. The nation will confront a civil war, assassinations, religious challenges, and ultimately exile. As we study the Book of Kings I (chapters 11-22) and Kings II (chapters 1-25), we will meet royalty, watch the prophets Elijah and Elisha in action, and encounter women and men attempting to survive and maintain faith during chaotic times. What kind of leader can help a nation thrive? What is the role of religion in society? Can a prophetic voice remind people of ultimate values? These are some of the
questions we will explore together.

This year-long class is free for Sisterhood members or members of CSAIR and an affiliate. Others: Nominal fee. All texts will be provided in English. You may bring a Hebrew text for reference.

Sponsored by the CSAIR Sisterhood
Tuesdays, 10:30 AM - Noon. Started October 16, 2018
Rabbi Barry Dov Katz


Regular Services & Programs

Friday Evening*
Welcome Shabbat at our regular Friday evening services, or join us for these special Shabbat experiences: Friday Night Ruach Services and Dinner Services full of fun melodies, stories and dancing for kids and their adults. Followed by dinner featuring parallel activities for kids and adults.

Lechu Neranena Services and Dinner
Come ready to sing and be inspired by a short teaching at this intimate, spirited Kabbalat Shabbat service which meets once a month and is often followed by a Shabbat dinner.

Artists Welcome Shabbat
On selected summer Friday nights, unwind as members of CSAIR perform live music, sing, or recite poetry as an introduction to the service. Cool refreshments.

Shabbat Morning*
Main Sanctuary Service
Every Shabbat morning, inspiring services are held in our Main Sanctuary, starting at 9:00 AM. The service includes lots of singing, the entire Torah portion reading for the week, traditional prayer, the commemoration and celebration of lifecycle events, and a thought provoking sermon. For babies, children and adults of all ages. Led by our Rabbi and Cantor along with volunteers. Join us at Kiddush after services which usually end by Noon.

The Havurah is committed to spirited prayer and engaging learning in a warm and intimate atmosphere. The Havurah is entirely lay-led; members lead t'fillot, read Torah and Haftarah, and give Divrei Torah. The Havurah is proud to be multigenerational, with membership including older adults, families, and singles. The Havurah invites families to bring their small children. Services begin at 9:15 AM and end in time to join in Kiddush with the entire community. Havurah will also lead two Shabbat minha services this year.

Prayer Study Group
Are you looking to access a more meaningful experience with prayer? Do you have questions about the traditional Shabbat morning service? One Saturday morning a month, join Rabbinic Intern Rory Katz for a lively discussion to increase your knowledge of our service's structure, uncover the layers of meaning embedded in the standard liturgy, and to grapple with prayer's relevance for contemporary life. (Participants in the Prayer Study Group may want to consider joining the main service or Text Wrestlers following the study group.)
Led by CSAIR Rabbinic Intern Rory Katz.
Services begin at 9:45 AM

Text Wrestlers
Join the discussion as Dr. Diane Sharon, scholar of Hebrew Bible, Comparative Religions, and ancient Near Eastern Literature,
leads an exploration of the weekly Torah portion.
Saturdays, 11:00 AM
Dates TBA

Minyan Kivinu
This service focuses on full traditional liturgy incorporating spirited singing and minimal interruptions during the service. The goal will be to create a sense of intense focus on the davvening. Both Siddur Sim Shalom and the Koren Siddur will be available for use by participants along with the Humash Etz Hayim. At the end of services there will be a 30-minute shiur (class) on a topic of interest.
Services begin at 9:00 AM

Hug Ivri
CSAIR's monthly Hebrew discussion group meets following Kiddush the second Shabbat of the month to talk about politics, literature, current events, and more. Dr. Yaakov Taitz, Coordinator. Open to all Hebrew speakers.

Yiddish Vinkl
Informal classroom style Yiddish conversations held monthly the third Shabbat of the month after Kiddush with an array of members. Enjoy the joys of Yiddish with a group that meets to schmooze together.
Charles Pripas, Coordinator. Open to all who speak Yiddish or like to try.

Shabbat Afternoon*
As the sun sets, join us for a short afternoon service, study of the Tanakh/Bible, and discussion followed by the evening service and Havdalah (one hour before candle lighting time).

Daily Minyan*
The only egalitarian daily minyan between the Upper West Side and Westchester, these 20-45 minute services meet every morning and evening throughout the year.

Morning Minyan (Shaharit)
Monday-Friday mornings – 7:00am (9:00am on Sundays and some holidays).

Evening Minyan (Maariv)
Evening services are generally held at 7:30pm, Sunday-Thursday.

CSAIR KIDS includes spiritual, educational and engaging experiences for kids ages 0-12 and their families. Highlighted by our lay led YCFP (Young Children's Family Program), our weekly programs include:

Shabbat Shelanu (ages 0-4 and families) is held twice per month. It is led by a professional early childhood educator, and includes
tefillot (prayers), songs, storytelling, a Torah Parade, and shmoozing time. It is followed by a kiddush, often sponsored by families in honor of a child's birthday.

Young Children's Havurah (ages 0-4 and families) is held twice per month. It is entirely parent-led and features a creative activity
related to the parsha (Torah reading of the week) or holiday.

Tefilat Yeladim (ages 4-6, adults welcome) is held each week and features an interactive service featuring movement, stories and songs. Throughout the year, YCFP welcomes children and their families to special programming celebrating the uniqueness and treasures of the Jewish calendar. These include children's services for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, Sundaes in the Sukkah, a Chanukah Pajama Party, Tu B'Shevat seed and tree planting, and a Purim Carnival with storytelling, face painting, and crafts. Children are always welcome in all services in the synagogue. Contact our YCFP lay leaders at

HaMoadon (ages 7-11)
Starting after the holidays, we are excited to launch HaMoadon (clubhouse), a new Shabbat morning experience for youth ages 7-10 and led by teens and pre-teens. This new program will include a group of teen Merakzim who, with professional support, will plan games, Jewish learning and group building experiences. The teens will lead these activities with the help of pre-teen madrichim. The goal is to create an engaging, substantive and exciting Shabbat morning experience for our elementary school aged kids and to create a process to build the leadership capacity of our teens and pre-teens.

For more information about these and other youth programs, please contact Mason Voit, Director of Education, at


Sign Language Available
Sign language interpreters will be available where indicated.

*Over the course of the year, the dates and times of some services and other programs may change. Always be sure to check back for updated schedules and times.

CSAIR :: 475 West 250th Street :: Bronx, NY 10471 :: 718-543-8400