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Ruach Shabbat
Next Service & Dinner: TBA
CSAIR's family-friendly Friday night experience. Enjoy a spirited, streamlined Kabbalat Shabbat service followed by a catered Shabbat dinner.

Lechu Neranena: Let's Sing!
Service and Dinner

Next Service & Dinner: TBA
Come ready to sing and welcome Shabbat at our intimate, spirited Kabbalat Shabbat service.

Passport to Education

Safeguarding Our Children

Intimate Voices

Riverdale Jewish Project

RJP June Shabbat Dinner
Friday, June 22 at 8:00 PM
- Details


Membership Renewal Forms and Book of Remembrance Information have been sent!
Please return forms to the CSAIR office as soon as possible. ~ Thank you.


The 2nd Annual Mens' Club Golf Outing.
Sunday July 1 at 11:00 AM!
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Trip to Israel 2018

Shabbat Bulletin
Friday, June 15- Saturday, June 16

This Shabbat

Friday, June 22, 2018 (9 Tamuz)
Minha/Kabbalat Shabbat/Maariv, 7:00 PM
Afternoon/Shabbat Evening services.
~ Beit HaMidrash-Downstairs

Saturday, June 23, 2018 (10 Tamuz)
Shaharit, 9:00 AM
Fire Drill: During our Shabbat morning service
(before Musaf) we will hold a fire drill. We will
evacuate the entire building. Directions will be
given by members of CSS.
~ Sanctuary-Upstairs

CSAIR Kids, 10:45 AM
Shabbat Shelanu/Ages 0-3 and parents
~ Taub Room-Downstairs

Tefilat Yeladim/Ages 4-7 (parents welcome)
~ Board Room-Downstairs

Minha/Maariv, 8:13PM
Afternoon/Evening services.
~ Library-Downstairs

Weekly Services

Daily Minyan Times
Monday - Friday 7:00 AM
Sunday, 9:00 AM

Sunday - Thursday 7:30 PM

National Holidays
9:00 AM
New Years Day, President's Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and December 25th

Wheelchair Accessible Give to the PhonathonCSAIR welcomes people with disabilities!
If any accommodations are needed for you or a loved one to participate in any synagogue activities, please contact the CSAIR office at 718-543-8400 or email secretary@csair.org.
CSAIR :: 475 West 250th Street :: Bronx, NY 10471 :: 718-543-8400 info@csair.org